How To Make Practicing Piano Scales More Fun

Infographic: How To Make Practicing Piano Scales FUN!

Last time we discussed that the most important quality every great pianist possessed was their commitment to practicing regularly, along with ways they could maximize their time spent practicing. This time around we have more fun practice tips from our friends at TakeLessons. So if you’re reading this, then you must be learning to play the piano – […]

What Do All Great Pianists Have In Common?

What Do All Great Pianists Have In Common?

How does one become a great pianist? Surely a question as old as the instrument itself. Is it something we are born with? Something we learn to do? Something we have to do? Or is it a combination of things? When we began researching famous pianists and what they have in common, we expected to […]


Why You’ll Never Be A Professional Pianist

Most of us who have taken up a musical instrument have at some point in time toyed with the idea of what it would be like to be a professional. For some of us, this idea takes more imagination than others. A lot more! For others of us, we spend many countless hours trying to […]

The 7 Best Piano Covers On YouTube

The 7 Best Piano Covers On YouTube

According to YouTube (and our subjectivity!), here are the Best Piano Covers! 1. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) by The Piano Guys Full Tutorial 2. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream by Boyce Avenue (Piano acoustic cover) Full Tutorial 3. OneRepublic – Apologize (Piano Cover) by David Sides Full Tutorial 4. Sia – […]

Guide To Make An Origami Piano!

Infographic: How To Make An Origami Piano!

Origami in its original Japanese language translates to “folding paper”. It is an age old art form practiced by many and has resulted in countless amazing creations from Anime characters to historical figures, world famous monuments to Sci-Fi gadgetry, nature’s wonderful creatures to the cultures and traditions of millions, along with everything in between. Whether […]


5 Signs You Have the Piano “Bug”

Not all of us are presented with the same opportunities in life. While some of us were forced against our will to plop down on a piano stool and start playing away, others who have potential and motivation were never even given a chance. So today we’d like to give a shout-out to those who were […]


French Post: Comment S’améliorer au Piano?

Après avoir essayé de vous convaincre lors de notre précédent article avec ‘Nos 6 (bonnes) raisons de jouer du piano’, on va maintenant essayer d’aborder la question du « Comment s’améliorer au piano ? ». Tout le monde rêve de savoir jouer du piano comme notre Cher et Tendre Mozart, mais avant ça il y a quand même […]


6 Reasons Why You Should Play Piano

If you haven’t heard, we’ve just launched our Android application for all those who are not Apple worshipers (because you are people too!). So now that the second half of the world can officially play piano with us, we’re sure you’d like to know– why should you play piano with us? That’s why we’ve written […]


7 Weird Things All Pianists Do

As a blog that caters to pianists, the goal of this post is to make us all feel just a little less weird about ourselves and the odd things we think only we do. Turns out pianists are united in the fact that we all engage in somewhat odd piano-related behaviors. So prepare to feel […]


The Top Piano Memes on the Interweb

Memes are absolutely everywhere in our time. They are the internet’s version of that sarcastic friend we all have, the one who constantly spews out snarky remarks that are not always politically correct, but are always 100% true. Memes cover every possible topic from exams to political agendas, and cleverly say out loud what we […]


Who Plays Piano More: Men or Women?

Hey there, welcome back! Guess what? It’s time for us to answer another one of life’s most important questions, who plays piano more: men or women? As we’ve seen previously, our approach to learning piano has evolved over the years, including our approach to who should learn piano. Back in old-timey times, there were activities that […]

Most Extreme Pianists

Meet the World’s Most Extreme Pianists

So by now you know that the piano can be crazy, and that pianists are not necessarily the stereotypical nerds pop-culture has deemed them to be. But today, we’d like to take you a step further than that. Today, we’d like to prove that not only are pianists not nerds, but some of them are downright […]