9 Reasons Why Piano Bars Are Far Superior to Regular Bars

We’ve all been to a bar (shame on you 14-year-old!), right? Well how about a piano bar? No no, we don’t mean this kind:

Piano Bottle Holder

Hi, I’m a piano bar.

We mean a bar with all of your favorite bubbly beverages, only with a piano in the center. A professional pianist plays songs and sets the mood, playing a medley of classical pieces or modern songs (that s/he obviously learned on OnlinePianist.com), and everyone in general just has a doggone good time. If you’ve never been to one, you should, and here’s why:

1. The music is good


In piano bars, the music is guaranteed to be good. Why? Because the piano is the central musical provider, rather than Wrecking Ball electronic remixes.

2. You can actually hold a conversation

I can't hear a piano

What??? Whattttt??????

Ah, bars, the place where we all magically morph into sweet old elderly people. Seriously, someone should conduct a study on what the most common word spoken in bars is, because we’ll bet a zillion dollars that it’s the word “what”, in exacerbated question form. While for some reason, bars are considered the ideal hang out place for dates, romantic excursions etc…, we all truly know deep in our hearts that a real conversation cannot be held there, due to the blasting music and base vibrations. This problem will not be in piano bars, where the music is appropriately volumed (piano-volumed) and the melodies played are pleasant to ones eardrums.

3. You can actually see your table-mates

Gone are the days where you return from the bathroom and hesitantly approach what you think is your table, hoping wildly in your mind that the silhouette you see is in fact your date and not someone else’s. In piano bars, there will be light! Why? Because there is an actual human playing the piano who needs to use their eyes to see what in the world s/he’s playing (unless they’re Ray Charles).

4. The atmosphere is classy

Piano Bar Stools


Bars often struggle to find the fine line between modern and trashy. When is there too much neon? When is the mood lighting setting the mood and when is it so dark that it becomes borderline lawsuit material? Piano bars don’t have this problem. They have their niche and they know what they are, thereby attracting a certain audience that is seeking to get high, on good music that is!

5. You won’t get hit on by creepy stalker dude/dudette


An inevitable side-effect of the bar scene is the existence of creepy stalker dude/dudette. Creepy stalker dude/dudette does not understand subtle hints and possibly does not even understand literal sentences that include the word “bye”. If you are sick of creepy stalker dude/dudette, your safe haven is the piano bar. Simply put, they just don’t go there!

6. You can actually interact with the “DJ” and request songs


When your “DJ” is a pianist, you know you are in good hands. In bars, all-too-often the DJ has a readymade mix, and that doesn’t include Tchaikovsky. Pianists have the ability to improvise, allowing you to easily interact with your “DJ” of the night and get to hear your favorite, non-remixed, tunes, in any scale you so-may-please. Groove on!

7. A random karaoke group session is much more likely to break out


Pianos and karaoke sessions go hand in hand. A piano sounds great on its own, and it sounds great with vocals. Pianists love having an active and engaged audience, and that results in a lot of SPKS (Spontaneous Piano-Karaoke Sessions). So if you’re looking to unleash your inner Mariah Carey (we know it’s there) with some friends, the piano bar is the place for you.

8. The realm of food options exceeds hamburgers and fries


When deciding where to go out on a Friday night, how many times have you had to make the agonizing decision between atmosphere (bar) and food (restaurant)? What if we told you can get BOTH for the price of one? Yes, that too-good-to-be-true option is the piano bar, where the food options are plentiful and drool-inducing like an actual restaurant, and the atmosphere is fun, groovy, and laid-back.

9. People are actually thankful for the music


Have you ever been to a bar where the crowd burst into wild applause after the DJ played a song? No, that would be weird right? Well it’s not weird in a piano bar. In a piano bar, it is quite common to be appreciative, and that is a wonderful thing. The pianist is at center-stage, clearly putting in their all to give you a good time, and the audience respects them by giving back thanks in the form of applause (or wolf-howling). This mutual relationship of appreciation between pianist and bar-goers adds all the more to the fun and positive atmosphere in piano bars, and keeps you coming back for more.

What do you think? Do you agree that piano bars are superior to regular bars? Let us know in the comments below! 

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