Clothing Inspired By The Piano For The Men!

Welcome back! Last time around we showcased a collection of outfits and accessories for all the lovely ladies out there to dazzle the world with. We heard what you said, and we liked what we saw. Now it’s time for the gentlemen who like to dress to impress. Whether it’s chic, dapper, casual or classy, […]


Clothing Inspired By The Piano For The Ladies!

Clothing – most of us need to wear it, want to wear it or are forced to wear it. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, if we all believed this to be true, the fashion industry as we know it would be nearly obsolete. Unlike many things in life such […]


What Age is Best to Learn Piano?

We’re assuming that if you’re on this blog, you’ve likely already crossed over into the dark side of life, aka adulthood. Being an adult can be rough. You’ve got stress to deal with on a daily basis, you feel you become less relevant with every passing year, and you’re finally beginning to understand all the […]


You Won’t Believe How Crazy these Pianos Are!

If there’s anything we want you to take away from this blog, it is that the piano is full of surprises. Be it odd places it has shown up in, crazy stories it has been entangled in, or its plain old eccentric family, the piano has more up its sleeve than you might imagine. So […]


The Top 6 Most Amazing Piano Videos on the Internet

We all love a good viral video. They catch our eye and present us with something extreme or crazy that we’ve never seen before. Unfortunately for the piano, it has not been branded as the extreme or crazy type, and its majestic nature does not exactly seem suitable for viral video material. But despite the […]


7 Piano Myths… Busted

One of the most valid ways to check if something is important or of any significance to the outside world is whether or not myths have been created about it. Luckily for the piano, it can check this feat off of its bucket list, because there are loads of them out there. Ranging from myths […]


9 Iconic Buildings Inspired By Music

Some of us work in them, others of us design or create them, and the rest of us mumble to ourselves angrily that they’ve obscured our view to the ocean – buildings. Buildings have been around since the dawn of mankind, in virtually all shapes and forms. We all have our dream homes, our ideal office spaces, or a […]

Gold medal winner

6 Skills that are Automatically Improved by Playing the Piano

We all know that playing the piano is amazing, but did you know that there are also quite a number of perks that come along with it? Apart from the most obvious perk that is being able to play the piano, turns out there are also quite a number of skills to be attained from […]


5 Superheroes & Supervillains With Musical Powers You Didn’t Know About

With the recent advent of superheroes taking over our silver screens, whether it be Earth’s greatest fighting force in The Avengers, the timeless tale of Gotham’s Dark Night, or the Kryptonian child we came to call our own, we here at OnlinePianist have decided to take a look back at those superheroes (and supervillains) who possess […]


How to Buy a Used Piano

So you’ve decided that it’s finally time to make one of the biggest commitments of your life. You feel you’re mature enough, experienced enough, and responsible enough to nourish and take care of this new entity you’re ready to call your own. If you think we’re talking about a baby, puppy, kitty or even newly-wed […]


Quiz: What Type of Piano are YOU?

Keyboard instruments come in all shapes and sizes, much like humans. Along with these shapes and sizes, there is also quite a distinction between the spirit or personality of each kind of instrument. Therefore, musical friends, we’ve concocted a quiz to answer the great question, which kind of piano are YOU? Let’s find out! So […]


11 of the World’s Most Expensive and Extraordinary Pianos- Part 2

Welcome back! Last week, we took a look at some of the World’s Most Expensive Pianos, ranking in from 11th to 6th place, worldwide. Now that’s respectable and all, but to be honest, who are we kidding really? Those pianos barely even scratched the millions club! They are child’s play in the world of riches […]