One Direction Photographed by John Wright

5 Activities to Distract You from the One Direction Breakup

We all woke up to a darker world today, a world in which Zayn Malik no longer completes the golden quintet that is One Direction, following his tragic departure from the group. Understandably, the disintegration of such an influential musical presence has had quite an impact on fans worldwide, so much so that we think […]


Why Do Pianos Cost So Much?

As we all know, pianos are a key part of any happy life. They bring music and music brings joy. So why in the name of all that is holy do we not all have these delightful beings in our homes? The straight and simple answer to this question is because pianos are just so […]


Piano: Meet the Family

Ah familial reunions, a concept so many of us dread. It is a time when you get to meet the farthest branches of your family tree, and get your cheeks pinched aplenty by your great uncle’s cousin’s sister. Believe it or not, not only humans have families. Yes even pianos must face that time of […]


What are the Worst Songs To Play At A Wedding?

Weddings are joyous occasions, and as we all know joyous occasions often involve pianos. The piano’s role in weddings is paramount, as marching down the aisle to the Star-Spangled Banner sets quite a different vibe than marching down the aisle to Bruno Mars‘ Marry You. So what songs fit and what songs don’t for weddings? […]


How Does Playing the Piano Make You Smarter?

When it comes down to it, we all want one thing – benefits. Yes, benefits. We all have that perennial question wondering if our time spent doing something will benefit us today, tomorrow or later in life. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re spending your time doing something which won’t benefit your life. […]

Piano Teacher

Will Piano Apps Kill the Piano Teacher?

Technology is often said to be both the greatest invention of mankind, as well as its downfall.  GPS systems have replaced our navigational instincts, social media is on its way to modify interpersonal communication, and online shopping has enabled us to become even bigger couch-potatoes than we already are. The technology revolution has undoubtedly increased […]


The Ultimate Piano-Themed Costume for a Diehard Fan

So the Jewish version of Halloween, Purim, is coming up and that means it’s time to start costuming. Since everyone will probably be dressed as Elsa, Olaf or Mutant Giant Spider Dog this year, we’ve decided to go a different route. In the name of feminism, the hot topic of 2015, we’ve put a ladylike […]


Which 11 Songs Became More Famous Than The Movies They Were Made For?

Studios often use a well known artist in order to help with a movie’s promotion. These songs appear during the course of the film, in promotional videos, or during the end credits. But sometimes, they can go on to live a life of their own, even after the movie itself has long been forgotten. Here’s […]


Which Celebrities Play Piano?

Whether you love celebrities or hate them, there is one thing that none of us can deny; they do have talent. While most of us are focused on the talent that they display on the silver screen, there is also a talent that goes on behind the scenes in many instances as well. Even though, […]


Meet the 5 Youngest Piano Prodigies

The piano has long been a magical instrument, of which many people spend their entire lives honing. However, some are born with the natural gift to piano play properly, and in any style. When someone like this emerges into the musical scene, they are usually quite quickly known as a prodigy – it’s quite easy […]


Battle of the Instruments: Piano Vs. Guitar

It’s a battle of the ages, a fight for supremacy, today we’ll answer the age-old question of “Which instrument is better, the piano or the guitar?” While we scoff at the fact that such a question even needs to be asked when the answer is so obviously obvious, we’ve still decided to a concoct a […]


9 Famous Movie Scenes Starring our Talented Musical Friend, the Piano

Our friend, the piano, has quite a lot of awesome things going for it. With its ability to create beautiful music, elegant build and general classiness, it is undoubtedly a star in our eyes. But did you know that the piano is also quite literally a star? No, not the shooting-kind one, we mean the […]