9 Famous Movie Scenes Starring our Talented Musical Friend, the Piano

Our friend, the piano, has quite a lot of awesome things going for it. With its ability to create beautiful music, elegant build and general classiness, it is undoubtedly a star in our eyes. But did you know that the piano is also quite literally a star? No, not the shooting-kind one, we mean the […]

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10 MORE Nifty Alternate Uses for a Piano

By now we hope and assume you’ve all read the predecessor to this post, 10 Nifty Alternate Uses for a Piano. Regardless of if you are a crazy piano person or are just environmentally savvy and seek a way to give your piano a new career-path amidst their mid-life crisis, you can’t argue that these re-purposed pianos […]


10 Nifty Alternate Uses for a Piano  

There comes a time when your piano stops sounding heavenly and starts sounding more like a banshee, no matter how hard your tunner tries. Yes, even pianos in all their splendor reach their end and begin to decompose, no matter how much composing they did in their lifetime. There are those who say “off to […]


9 Tips and Tricks of How To Get The Girl Using A Piano

The piano is generally regarded as a musical instrument, not a chick magnet. But turns out the piano has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, er… wing, when it comes to attracting the opposite gender. Be it the skills it provides you with, or the beautiful classy setting it creates, the piano can be […]


Top 10 Most Basic Piano Songs Every Pianist Should Know

Before you can fully read you must learn the ABCs. Before you can do big calculations you must first understand basic equations. And such is the same with the piano too, before you’re a full-fledged pianist these songs must be played by you! We hope you enjoyed our little poem, now go learn these songs […]


Infographic: The Very Best Piano Quotes in the History of the World

A pianist’s mind is a wondrous place. It is a place where the imagination soars and music is created out of thin air. So it doesn’t surprise us much to discover that there a quite a few pianist quotes out there that just as creative and innovative as the musical pieces these very same people […]


Piano vs. Keyboard: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s a battle that’s been longer-going than I-phone vs. android, longer than Justin Bieber vs. One Direction, and longer even then Pepsi vs. Cola. This legendary battle that we speak of, is that between the piano and the keyboard. In today’s post, we will conduct the ultimate showdown between our two mighty competitors, and in […]


17 Piano Songs About Famous Breakups

This post is all about break-ups, aka music fuel. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, a breakup expert if we ever did see one: “Well all those other girls, yeah they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?” Preach it girl! Presenting a list of songs that were made out of tears, […]

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13 of the Most Common Stresses About Playing The Piano

It happens occasionally that the piano, typically the source of all our peacefulness and serenity, becomes our main supplier of stress and anxiety instead. Be it when you simply can’t manage to learn a song, just don’t feel like practicing, or can’t get the tempo down and end up looking like a rhythmically-challenged dweeb, when the […]


A 5 Course Journey Through the Land of Fine Dining and Pianos

I’m sure many of you piano lovers will agree that the key to a good life is two-fold and rather simple.  It essentially starts with fine dining and ends in good music. For this very reason, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post to these very two things, only merged. Yes, such a dream […]


Top 10 Piano Songs for Christmas

Christmas is by far our favorite holiday here at OnlinePianist, we can finally clean out the dust from the good old Christmas carols that we love to play so much… It is also the best time for you to show off your piano skills that you’ve worked so hard on (or haven’t worked so hard […]


10 Impressive Broken World Records Involving Pianos

A piano is very much like a taco. Wait…what? Well, a piano is very much like a taco in the fact that it is delicate, fragile and has the ability to make you very very happy… until it breaks. You see pianos, much like tacos, simply do not mesh well with the word “broken” in […]