Infographic: How To Make An Origami Piano!

Origami in its original Japanese language translates to “folding paper”. It is an age old art form practiced by many and has resulted in countless amazing creations from Anime characters to historical figures, world famous monuments to Sci-Fi gadgetry, nature’s wonderful creatures to the cultures and traditions of millions, along with everything in between. Whether you’re an origami veteran or new to the party, we at OnlinePianist have created a step-by-step instructional guide to create your very own origami piano. So, why not give it a go? We promise you’ll be a sensei in no time and be able to put this together faster than you can play through a recital of Fur Elise. Challenge accepted? We think so! 😉

Click to enlarge. ?

So readers, how fast were you able to make your piano? Did you customize yours and add a classy personal touch? Let us know in the comments below!

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