Infographic: Interesting Facts About History’s Most Talented Pianists

Recently we discussed ways of how to practice piano effectively. This time around we have some more insightful tips from the world’s best pianists courtesy of our friends at TakeLessons.

If you thought Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler lead interesting lives, then you clearly don’t know about the eccentric lives of history’s most famous piano players.

For example, did you know that Glenn Gloud was a hypochondriac who wore gloves and an overcoat in all types of weather? Or that Sergei Rachmaninov’s hands could span 12 piano keys?

While you may think that classical music is ‘boring’, the lives of these famous musicians are far from mundane. From Beethoven to Mozart, we’ve rounded up the most interesting facts about the world’s most famous piano players.

Take a look at the infographic below to discover these wacky facts and share them with your friends and/or piano teachers.

10 Wacky Facts About The World's Most Famous Piano Players


So tell us readers, what’s your craziest talent or habit? Do you think it makes you a better pianist to dabble in more than one art? Have an interesting story of your own about you or another pianist? Chime in with your comments below!

This infographic originally appeared on Brooke Neuman is a piano editor at TakeLessons, an online marketplace that connects thousands of teachers and students for local and live online music lessons.


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