Infographic: The Keeper of the Keys – Meet the Keyboard Family

A short while back we outlined the history behind the invention of the piano with songs to play on the piano appearing shortly thereafter. Now we’ve got a beautiful visual from our friends at California Music Studios who’ve put together a graphic on the keyboard family, providing some history on pianos, playing techniques, and the fundamentals of a piano among other fascinating pieces of trivia.

Keyboard instruments are an important tool in music education, giving students a hands-on, visual means of learning music theory while offering a wide range of unique sounds.


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So tell us readers, what’s your favourite piano fact? Do you think it makes you a better pianist when you understand the mechanics of the instrument? Have an interesting fact of your own to share about the piano or a pianist? Sound off in with your comments below!

This infographic originally appeared on California Music Studios. Derek R. is an Outreach Coordinator at California Music Studios, a personalized teacher/musician matching service operating in five counties in Southern California (San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino).

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  1. Haylie Caudill

    The Holy Ghost is what keeps us strong and God helps us go through things, but when we play the Piano God plays with us because he gave us that gift to do. So we should use our gifts.

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