What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Learning Piano Online?

The dawn of the internet launched on a global scale less than a generation ago and the world as we knew it changed quickly and dramatically. From the way we do our shopping, to the nature of our jobs, to the infinite depth of information right at our very fingertips, everything has become bigger yet more accessible. We’ve got the world on a string, sitting at our keyboards, wrapped around our schedules. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to anyone that the way we acquire skills such as learning how to play piano has also changed.

Now there are some who argue that the traditional way of learning is still the best method of all and go so far as to dissuade anyone from even thinking otherwise. For others, the convenience of using the internet to learn to play an instrument is a godsend since they are able to run tutorials in their own time, at their own pace, either on the go or in the comfort of their homes. After all, it’s no different to riding a bicycle when you can simply drive a car. One will get you to your destination faster than the other one, but the other offers you the chance to exercise in the process.

So naturally, with the advent of online piano tutorials and using them to learn the piano online, there come many questions regarding the use of these applications in order to maximize learning with what most users hope is minimum effort versus learning the traditional way from a piano teacher in person from a songbook. So it begs the question, what are the pros and cons of learning the piano online?

There are many advantages for online learning. Firstly, the cost is often something which is very effective. We have seen a large growth in choice to the consumer coupled with the growth of the internet, and chances are there are going to be more and more software packages that offer the ability to learn the piano online in the future. Another advantage is that you are never restricted geographically. Many of the piano lesson packages can be downloaded from anywhere in the world and don’t require your computer to have complex requirements to download them. In addition, with the internet offering many online packages, the piano shop is going to be open and available 24 hours a day. Piano lessons online approach piano lessons from the basics – something that has to be learnt if you are wanting to learn the piano. The benefit being is that piano lessons online don’t require you to have a background in music or to already know how to play the piano. They are not prejudiced towards your ability and many of the piano lessons online accept limitations of those who just want piano lessons online for fun. Furthermore, online lessons don’t require you to attend classes every week. As you are learning the piano at your own pace, piano lessons online allow you to dictate the pace of learning, how many times you access the lessons and don’t require you to attend specific classes (unless of course the piano lessons online are being delivered as live group classes). Online lessons also appear to provide a fresh approach to learning the piano. Rather than just sitting at the piano and learning through repetition, they have an advantage that they can deliver the piano lessons using videos, diagrams, descriptions, animations, excerpts and other specific learning resources and software tools.

“Sir, you seem to have a little problem down there.” Excuse me?


However, just like anything else, they will have disadvantages. Bear in mind that people learn things at different paces and have different goals. Therefore, piano lessons on the internet tend to deliver one way only. It maybe that this type of lesson doesn’t attract you, or stimulate you, yet online packages do what they say – they teach you piano. In addition, there are a lot to choose from, so which one is the best for your requirements? If you are considering learning the piano online then just like private tuition, it is strongly recommended that the lessons online are delivered by an experienced and competent pianist. Therefore, if you want to learn the piano, then online resources are a great starting resource, especially for those who need to start with the basics. They have come a long way since the very first piano lessons were made available through the internet. Just like other educational institutions such as universities, they appear to have embraced the demand for online learning, but you should remember they will have limitations and only you can have the determination and desire to get the best out of lessons online.

Cost is easily the first reason for people to choose to have piano lessons online. We are aware that private tutors can be very expensive and daily lessons can take its toll on our wallets. Online lessons, on the other hand, are relatively cheaper and give more coverage for your money. Moreover, you can save money on gas as you don’t have to drive to school or to your teacher’s house. If you are having lessons at home, you also have to pay extra for your teacher’s troubles.

Money Money Money Whyy You Not Funny In A Poor Man's World?
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Learning piano online also offers greater flexibility as lessons can be had during free time. You can choose when to have your lessons to suit your busy schedule. You can also watch videos of your lessons wherever it is convenient for you so you can definitely have the time and the interest in piano lessons. The internet offers a host of materials and resources that you can use to further your knowledge in piano. You can get tips and valuable advice from expert musicians who are willing to share their knowledge with those who are still learning to play the piano. You can also get your hands on new pieces to practice on as well as updated materials that you cannot find in the manuals.

While the advantages will want you to jump in now and start learning piano, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider. The obvious disadvantage to taking piano lessons online is that there is no teacher to evaluate and correct your playing.There are so many things to concentrate on when playing piano and the brain can only focus consciously on so much at once. Until many aspects of finger coordination, tone production and rhythm become second nature, an expert teacher can give you feedback about how you actually sound versus how you think you sound. Remember, every drunk person thinks he can sing! A teacher can give you personal suggestions for which pieces to play, music that is suitable to your level and that you love. It’s not possible to do this effectively in an online format since no teacher is present to hear you play in person. The fine movements involved in developing a good and musical piano technique can only be effectively addressed in person by an expert teacher. Controlling the arm and suspending it or transferring its weight to the keyboard, controlling muscle tension and its release, developing finger independence, and the ways in which each movement affects the sound are all critical elements of piano playing that can only be taught in person by a master teacher. With these points in mind, taking piano lessons online is a wonderful starting point for learning piano.

A lack of personal touch can turn you off sooner or later with online lessons. You will not have a tutor looking over your shoulder to teach you the basics of piano playing, teach you how to position your fingers or correct your mistakes. Online lessons usually consist of training videos where there is no two-way communication. Teacher support may also be limited online. If you ever have questions during your session, you cannot ask your teacher directly. Sometimes, you have to wait for hours or days before you get your answers, which can slow down your learning. If you can work your way through the disadvantages of online piano learning, you can definitely succeed in the course. The choice is yours entirely whether to learn piano online or not. Carefully examine the pros and cons before making a decision so you won’t have any regrets.

Pros vs. Cons Online Piano Learning
Let the games begin!

Learning to play the piano online pros and cons

Playing the piano without having someone to teach you can be difficult. It is like gambling your time and effort based on your own knowledge and understanding. To learn the piano online can have its ups and downs. So decide if you’’re really up to the test of playing without the thought of giving up. Whenever you go to a web page that offers a lot of promises with their online lessons, they do not tell you the downs of learning it without having someone who could tell you if you’re doing it the right way.


  • The Internet is flooded with millions of searches about learning the piano online. There are those for beginners and for those who want further instruction not found in any manual whatsoever.
  • This is totally free. Not unless if you become enticed with the offline CDs and visuals that the website also offers.
  • It is more updated than the books and manuals that are bought outside.
  • Those who made the websites are freelance musicians that are willing to share their knowledge, facts, ideals and secrets to learn piano the easiest way possible.
  • It is filled with so much details and songs you can choose from. Wide array of songs to include in your list.
  • It can also help you choose if you want to play jazz, rock, funk, classic, metal and many more.
  • You are entitled to rewind every step that you couldn’t decipher.
  • Every rhythm and pattern is taught thoroughly to help the students understand each line. A lot of online lessons let you read notes and chords at a stage so advanced and at the same time enjoy the directory of entries and resources.
  • Aside from the advanced lessons, there are also at least a hundred thousand tricks, patterns and fills. The internet enables online libraries filled with resources that are readily available to those who need it. Furthermore, if you’re kind of slow, chords, grooves and scales can be recapped with the help of their glossary.
  • It offers wide range recordings that are also intended for those who can’t read music.
  • Easy ways to practice and tackle even the hardest patterns, scales and chords can now be achieved at the touch of your fingertips.
  • You also get the chance to choose from top instrument shops because these sites include their cheap yet of best quality. They could show you where and how much you can get from these stores.
  • You could play and learn anytime you want, whenever you’re available. Your time is all yours.


  • Nothing compares with the real thing. Playing online is like a lifeless form of learning. It doesn’t incur pure satisfaction.
  • Questions can’t be answered at a prompt. There are doubts that would fill your mind every once in a while. And to send some questions through the net would require waiting and this will take days.
  • No one will see your mistakes and tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. And the thing about that is you can never right your wrongs without anyone telling you.

Home Office Work Piano
What that work is still remains a mystery…


Is it okay to have online piano lessons at home or should you spend more money and get a proper piano tutor to visit your home or perhaps even pay to attend a music school. It’s best to look at the advantages and disadvantages and decide what is best for you. So to begin with let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages comparing online piano lessons in your home to piano lessons through the traditional method of learning at your piano teacher’s place.

Online piano lessons in your home


  • You save time not needing to travel at all.
  • You are able to customize your lessons to the way that works best for you.
  • You can organize it around your timetable and lifestyle with much more flexibility.
  • You can stop and do something else and come back to it at anytime you feel you want or need a break.


  • Distractions are the biggest disadvantage if you decide to have piano lessons at home. It really is unavoidable. Internet, television, mobile phone, etc. You get the idea.
  • Your piano or keyboard is of poor quality and/or is out of tune.

There are many websites offering online piano lessons. The trouble is that you don’t really know if the advice you are being given is good or not. Some websites claim to offer free piano lessons, but when you try to find these free piano lessons, you realize that they are only offering very basic information and you will need to pay to get to the real stuff. There are some fantastic e-books online that teach you how to play the piano step by step. Online piano lessons are okay if you just want to learn the basics without the commitment of a regular piano teacher. Once you have mastered the online piano lessons then you will definitely need to get yourself a qualified piano teacher or sign up for piano lessons in your local music school if you want to progress any further.

Piano Teacher's Place For Lessons
“In order to play the song, you must first think like a note. Do you, or do you not want to be played with?”


Private lessons in the piano teacher’s home


  • Your teacher’s piano is usually a good one, and is normally in tune.
  • You rarely get distractions (if any) at your teacher’s home or studio.
  • You receive feedback regarding your technique, posture and progress.


  • Private lessons cost a fortune over time. Missed lessons still cost you unless notice is given well ahead of time.
  • Fuel, parking charges or public transport costs.
  • Traveling time, including stressful driving in traffic to make lessons on time.
  • No flexibility as the time is fixed every week, with the need to commit to lessons financially ahead to time.

Piano Lessons In A Music School
And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go… Unlike where your practices are going. Sheesh.”


Providing you can find a qualified piano teacher that has a lot of experience and you can justify the expense of this when you are starting out (they don’t come cheap!), then this is a good way to start learning. There are some disadvantages of having one-on-one lessons with a private piano tutor. Children tend to find individual piano lessons too serious and boring and there are no other children in the lesson to compare progress with. You can either travel to the teacher’s home or the teacher will travel to you. Having piano lessons in your home is probably the worst thing you can do. Check out the advantages and disadvantages below. Private piano lessons are good, but expensive. Make sure that you can afford to pay for these lessons because you will need to make a regular commitment once a week.

Piano lessons in a music school

Having piano lessons in a music school has many advantages over online piano lessons and private teaching. Most music schools have qualified piano teachers. Some music schools also offer group teaching which is much cheaper than private lessons. Learning to play piano in groups is also more fun because the other students in the class are usually at a similar level of learning. Children and adults learning piano in a group often progress faster in the early stages than if they had a private piano teacher. I believe that this progress is due to either the competitiveness of trying to keep up with others by practicing more during the week or the less serious atmosphere that makes learning more fun than individual piano lessons. Music schools have a proven teaching system in place. This teaching system is controlled by the principal teacher and head of music. Music schools are normally geared towards students taking examinations, and because of this, piano lessons are structured and well organized. Having your piano lessons in a music school is the best way to start out and will more likely encourage you to continue learning for a long time. Music school fees are normally less than half the cost of a private piano lesson.

As you can see private piano lessons at home are okay if you have an endless supply of time and money (do you?), and distractions do not bother you. Piano lessons in your teacher’s home are slightly better, but the boredom level is significantly increased! So what’s the answer? Go and learn by yourself! Buy an online piano course (not a free one, as you usually don’t get enough information).The best online piano courses often cost <$50 yet you get the same information (or more) than any teacher offers. You can also study the course in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, and in your own style. Of course there are bigger things worth considering. For example. with online piano lessons you can learn at your own pace and review material as needed. Furthermore, it may be easier to learn the essentials of piano theory, since you can review and repeat the material at will. Ear training is a suitable application for piano lessons online. Ear training is best done for several minutes each day rather than in larger chunks only once in a while. An hour’s piano lesson once a week needs to focus on playing the piano, and there’s little or no time to focus on this crucial aspect of becoming a musician. It is true that piano lessons online are cheaper than studying with a teacher.

How do I learn piano online without an instructor? Empty Spaces? Silent Halls?
Rest assured, as long as you have a piano, you will never truly be alone.


How do I learn piano online without an instructor?

This answer might shock you, but the truth is, you cannot learn piano online without the guidance of an instructor, at least in the long run. Sure, you will be able to get through some basics and some fundamental playing skills, but past that, you will ideally need an online program that includes a teacher who will be available to you in a variety of ways. The most important part of searching for piano lessons online, or any learning system online is to make sure the support system is the core part of the learning system. The support system is not just being able to send an email and get it answered, although you need to make sure you have that option. You should also make sure you have a variety of other support options such as live broadcasts, thorough FAQ, lots of blog entries, video instruction, etc. It is very important that you feel like you have a good relationship with your online piano teacher.

There are many websites offering online piano lessons. The trouble is that you don’t really know if the advice you are being given is good or not. Some websites claim to offer free piano lessons, but when you try to find these free piano lessons, you realize that they are only offering very basic information and you will need to pay to get to the real stuff. There are some fantastic e-books online that teach you how to play the piano step by step. Online piano lessons are okay if you just want to learn the basics without the commitment of a regular piano teacher. Once you have mastered the online piano lessons then you will definitely need to get yourself a qualified piano teacher or sign up for piano lessons in your local music school if you want to progress any further.

Is it true that using a private piano tutor can be very expensive?
You can’t get no satisfaction when you’re sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage.


Is it true that using a private tutor can be very expensive?

Having your own personal tutor that you pay privately can cost a small fortune, those regular payments can add up fast. Also private lessons are not very flexible, most tutors want you to sign up to a regular schedule that may not always fit yours. Those who’ve had a few sessions often found that the music the teacher wanted to use wasn’t the same as what they wanted to play – you wanted to play pop songs, not a classical gavotte from 1850. On the other hand, online lessons are very flexible in terms of schedule and materials, and you can do as much or as little practicing as you want. Most offer a combination of written, audio and video training so you can learn at your own pace, and also with no embarrassment. When you are just learning, you can do without the pressure of performing in front of others and video based training is much more relaxed.

Being able to choose the style of songs that you learn is important, like me you may prefer to learn on some simple familiar pop songs rather than old-fashioned children’s songs. When you can choose the music style you can enjoy the lessons more, and that means you will progress faster. Each lesson is usually a short topic by itself, and if you are finding it easy, you can skip to the next one or section and move on to learn new techniques. This means that you can learn piano playing faster than if you had been having private piano lessons.

Almost no private piano tutors offer money back if you don’t like the teaching. With online training there is no risk of losing money as the online courses usually have a 100% refund policy, to make sure that you are happy with your lessons and playing progress, and if not you can get your money returned. Finding the best online piano lessons on the internet is easy when you know where to look. For example if you are a beginner, you might want to look for programs that provide free beginners lessons. The most complete courses will have each lesson covering multiple media like video, audio, photographs, drawings and written text explanations. A good online course will make sure you get a grasp of the instrument quickly so that you can keep motivated and make fast progress.

Why will online piano lessons be good for me?
Trust us, you’ll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


Why will online piano lessons be good for me?

Here are just a few of the advantages of online lessons:

  • Work at your at own learning pace vs. waiting a week for another lesson assignment.
  • Take time repeating lessons as many times as you need to without paying again vs. paying for repeat lessons each time you see your teacher.
  • You will naturally boost self disciple as you teach yourself vs. becoming dependent upon a teacher to tell you what to do.
  • You will develop your own judgment of when a song is acceptable vs. relying on a teacher to tell you if you passed. Trust us when we say, you will be harder on yourself than a teacher is.
  • Gain solid confidence that you really do know what you are learning  vs. feeling lost without your teacher as a security blanket.
  • Interact with other students through forums and blogs vs. never having a peer in private lessons.
  • Have year round opportunity to perform/express or record your songs to share with others vs. waiting for a once a year recital.
  • And finally, you can never quit online piano lessons because once you own the program you love, you will always own it and be able to refresh yourself later, or even relearn it later if you wish.

What might I miss out on by learning piano online?
One thing you won’t miss is some massive shade thrown at you. Easy on the side eye, you.


What might I miss out on by learning piano online?

There is particularly two disadvantages of learning piano online:

  • Firstly you do not get the chance to play in recitals, but that is not that important for you as a beginner. Once you learn to play the instrument completely, you may find nearby concerts to show your talent.
  • Secondly, interaction with a teacher is also limited, but the lessons are designed in such a way that you will not have any problem learning them. It can be learnt in the absence of a teacher though some lessons provide live interactions through skype to resolve your questions related to difficulties in learning the piano.

Do I need a real piano? Will a keyboard be okay?
Truth be told both would be better if we lived in a perfect world. Don’t we? Don’t. We. :O


Do I need a real piano? Will a keyboard be okay?

Absolutely. First, you should know that the piano and the keyboard have the same exact pattern of keys and reading music for both instruments are exactly the same! Second, you should also know that even though you can learn on a keyboard, there is a recommended minimum requirement that will work the best. You should have a keyboard (any brand or model) that has at least 61 keys, and have the touch sensitivity feature. The touch sensitivity feature is what allows you to play a key and produce a loud or quiet sound, according to how hard or softly you play it. The 61 keys provides enough keys to learn how to play the piano with both hands, and to progress through more advanced music.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of learning on a keyboard:

  • The first one is the ability to use headphones. What this means is that you can practice anytime you choose. Whether it be while everyone is watching TV, sleeping, or studying! No one can hear you! While you are learning a new song, you don’t want anyone to hear your mistakes and so you feel “safe” inside your headphones!
  • The second benefit is the ability to use the different sounds and rhythms that a keyboard has to offer. You can make music sound entirely different by just changing the keyboard from sounding like a piano, to sounding like a flute, or trumpet, or even a full string section of an orchestra! This benefit gives you a reason to practice even more because as you try different instruments, you are repeating the songs, over and over! When you turn on a rhythm, such as a waltz, it forces you to play the song with correct timing – it’s like having a built in teacher!
  • The third benefit of keyboards is they are portable! You can take them anywhere! Well, maybe not to the bathroom, but almost anywhere else! You can take your keyboard with me to events such as birthday parties, and holiday gatherings for sing-a-longs. You could even take it to the beach and use it around a bonfire. (The beauty of using batteries!) Get the picture?

In summary, the primary reasons why learning the piano online is due to its convenience, low cost and highly engaging nature to its users.

Why is it convenient?

The online piano lessons make the best choice because of their convenience. You may take the lessons from any corner of the globe that too from the comfort of your house. You don’t need to spend time traveling to attend piano classes, nor wait for your teacher to come to your house for taking classes. This makes it much convenient and reduces the time and cost involved in travelling from one place to another. This is particularly important for children who are not willing to travel. You may learn whenever you are able to take out time, whether in between work or after work and school. You may learn anytime you want, which makes online lessons score more.

How is it cost effective?

They are much cheaper than the traditional ones. Traditional teaching may involve high cost, especially if there are more than one person in the family wanting to take classes. Hiring a traditional or non-traditional teacher can be extremely expensive and may not guarantee effective learning. You may not like the way the instructor teaches but will have to stay with it just because you paid a good amount of money. Even worse, if you child finds it difficult to learn from them. On the other hand, online lessons are highly affordable and makes you learn piano as effectively as traditional classes. If you want to give it a try, go for free training that will help you to understand how it goes and how well you perform after learning it.

What makes it engaging?

People who have learnt through online courses have found them to be highly engaging. Traditional classes involve difficult methods of learning that people do not find interesting. Although the learning is more thorough, people often start skipping classes due to lack of motivation. The online lessons are more interesting and enable you to start playing instantly, and therefore, creates enthusiasm. This helps in keeping you engaged and learn the instrument completely and professionally.

OnlinePianist - The Answer To All Your Prayers
Can we get an Amen? No? How about a halleluyah?


Playing the piano is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and meet your inner self. The dynamic nuances of music have often drifted many to learn. Regardless of your age, you may start learning anytime, but finding the right lessons could be challenging. With so many methods and ways of learning it available, nowadays, it has become imperative to understand the pros and cons of each one.

When it comes to learning online there are two ways of doing so: via free courses for beginners and through paid courses. Although both of them are highly effective in making you an expert, the paid ones are recommended. There is a big difference in design module for both. Though, you may find the free lessons as useful as a beginner, you may not be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the basics. Moreover, they are often incomplete and may ask you to pay later for the rest of the course. On contrary to this, paid piano lessons are more organised, has step-by-step guides that help any beginner to learn music and play as if you have been doing it for years. They are complete and do not involve any additional charges later on. Some paid online piano lessons also offer interactions with highly proficient teachers through Skype, but you will hardly have any difficulties. Such lessons are convenient for people of any age group, and therefore, count as the best piano lessons. Hopefully, you too will see the benefits of learning the piano online and perhaps even take advantage of a great deal in due time! 😉

So readers, what do you think? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to learning piano online you can think of? Let us know in the comments!


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