6 Reasons Why You Should Play Piano

If you haven’t heard, we’ve just launched our Android application for all those who are not Apple worshipers (because you are people too!). So now that the second half of the world can officially play piano with us, we’re sure you’d like to know– why should you play piano with us? That’s why we’ve written you this dandy little post, behold 6 reasons why you should learn to play piano.

1. It Improves your mood



Did One Direction just break up and put a damper on your day? Because the piano will be there to absorb you tears (figuratively, because real tears ruin pianos). Why? Because the piano requires great focus and concentration which can help take your mind off other things.

2. It works as a solo instrument

I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.


Though the piano is often considered an accompanying instrument, it likes to have it’s time in the sun, too. This is ideal since most people will spend many hours of solo practice before moving on to group playing. Because there may be no “i” in team, but there is in “piano”!

3. You’ll never run out of pieces to play

As you might have noticed, you’re never “done” with playing piano. There are countless songs that were written specifically for the piano so you will literally never run out of pieces to play. Unlike Pokemon, try as you might, you simply never will be able to catch them all.

You’ll never run out of pieces to play


4. It’s extremely versatile

Simon Cowell

A lot of things bore me, but you piano, don’t.

One of the best things about the piano is that it doesn’t limit you to one style of music. While it may be most associated with classical music, you can use the piano to play many different genres of music, including pop, jazz, country, blues, Acoustic Blues, Chicago Blues, Classic Blues, Shoegaze, Jackin House or Qawwali (wow, that escalated quickly).

5. You can play something that sounds good fairly quickly

You can play something that sounds good fairly quickly

 I wanna learn to play piano, but I wanna learn FAST.

Ideal for when you want to impress friends without taking the time and effort to learn something impressive, the piano is ideal for some fast trickery. Some instruments, such as the guitar, take a good deal of practice before you’re able to play something that sounds pleasing to the ear. With the piano, you can pass off even a beginner song as a masterpiece concerto if you play it up enough.

6. Sense of accomplishment

Playing the piano gives you good vibes.
Whether it’s feeling like hot stuff in a new pair of pants, or feeling accomplished at mastering Beethoven’s symphony 9, we all like to feel good about ourselves. Playing the piano and particularly learning to play a new piece well will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. And that in and of itself is a good enough reason to start to play. 🙂

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