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Meghan Trainor

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Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Prominently influenced by the 1950s and 1960s eras in music, Trainor's music has been noted for its retro style aesthetic. Trainor plays a variety of musical instruments: bass, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, trumpet, percussion, and piano. She composes in a variety of genres, including country, hip hop, reggae and soca, but prefers doo-wop and reggae. Trainor's vocals have been described as "soulful" and "highly resonant", and "a reedy cross" between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Trainor's lyrics are recognized to contemplate 21st-century womanhood. She has said that she aims to "break the chains" of the "absurd standards of thinness" promoted by the beauty industry with her lyrics. Trainor's fanbase is collectively identified as Megatrons.

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