Scott Joplin - "Maple Leaf Rag" Piano Tutorial

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"Maple Leaf Rag" is one of the most popular ragtime copositions in history and the first that sold more than 1 million copies of music sheets. The piece was written by Joplin for the "Maple Leaf Club", a late 17th century black social club.
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ShaunaAlis  (2 years ago)
ho.. It's so hard but i like that. It'so so :)
zac2000  (3 years ago)
i can plat this!!!
diahvero36  (3 years ago)
KunuOwens  (3 years ago)
This really isnt that bad to learn if you practice. ive never had a teacher or played in my life, and i know the first 2 minutes.
keconnor  (4 years ago)
iknow right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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