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Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea is a female Australlian hip-hop/rap artist and model. Iggy not only spits the illest of rhymes, but rocks the Billboard Hot 100 while doing so. She began her career as a YouTube artist until Atlanta based rapper T.I signed her to Grand Hustle Records in 2012. Come 2014, Azalea is dominating the #1 spot with "Fancy" for seven-consecutive weeks, the longest period ever held by a female rap artist. Azalea's's reign did not stop there. Featured on Ariana Grande's popular song "Problem", Iggy held the top 2 spots, the first to do so since The Beatles. Outside the studio, Azalea is engaged to NBA player Nick Young, and sparks beef with rap rival Nicki Minaj. Who knew Australlians can be so badass?

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