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Flo Rida

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Flo Rida is an American rapper and R&B artist from Carol City, Florida. Yes, if you take away the space it spells FloRida. He's all about the subtleties in life. Flo Rida is not so subtle when it comes to making the best club bangers and selling records. In 2008, his first hit "Low" peaked at #1 for 10-weeks and broke the record for digital downloads at the time. Flo Rida has sold over 80-million digital singles. his most popular songs include: "Right Round", "Club Can't Handle Me", "Good Feeling", "Wild Ones", "Whistle", "I Cry", "G.D.F.R." and "My House". But what makes Flo Rida super dope is his collaboritve efforts with a variety of artists including: David Guetta, Sia, Fergie, T-Pain, and many more! Again, Flo Rida is from Florida. So brilliant!

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