Demi Lovato - "Skyscraper" Piano Tutorial

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"Skyscraper" was introduced to Demi Lovato while she was hospitalized with eating disorder and she immediately fell in love with the lyrics. Skyscraper is a tall habitable building created by man for the purpose of habitat or offices and it is one of the symbols of modern time.
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princessva694  (1 year ago)
this is super fun
SARAHKKKKK  (1 year ago)
Doing it in Music, lol!
Nelli  (1 year ago)
I love that song so. so much ♥
cochinopoc  (1 year ago)
smh poop
XAXALu  (1 year ago)
premium subscribers is stupid. Its just a way of making money. Either way i loved the song!
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