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Preston Ware Orem

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Preston Ware Orem (1865 – May 26, 1938) was an American composer, pianist, and writer on music. He is frequently grouped with other composers as part of the Indianist movement in American music. Orem also wrote theory books, including 1919's Harmony Book for Beginners, and compiled nine books of musical exercises. It is for these that he is chiefly remembered. As a composer, Orem was less interested than many of his contemporaries in the Indianist movement; still, as it was in fashion, it seems to have held a certain fascination for him. He is numbered among its members mainly because of his American Indian Rhapsody, his most popular work. Orem composed other works as well, including a piano quartet, a quintet, large numbers of songs, some works for piano, and numerous transcriptions and arrangements; among the latter is a movement from one of Johann Sebastian Bach's solo cello suites, arranged for organ. Orem died in Philadelphia in 1938. Orem was credited by the Summy Company in 1935 with co-authoring the song - Happy Birthday to You.

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