Train - "Drive By" Online Piano Tutorial

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"Drive By" is the leading single from California 37, Train's sixth album (2012). The single reached the top five position on the singles charts of 10 countries around the glob.
Rating: 4.5 (84 Votes)
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KatnissEve12345678910  (2 years ago)
I saw train on sesame street!
parmeshmat  (2 years ago)
the song doesn't sound like this. this sounds really confused
coca45630  (3 years ago)
anopinn  (3 years ago)
hi! :D i have one question...where can i possibly find already written notes for piano for this song? tnx
JemimaBish  (3 years ago)
can someone give a link to the sheet music? just cant find it :(
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