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6 Skills that are Automatically Improved by Playing the Piano

We all know that playing the piano is amazing, but did you know that there are also quite a number of perks that come along with it? Apart from the most obvious perk that is being able to play the piano, turns out there are also quite a number of skills to be attained from […]


5 Superheroes & Supervillains With Musical Powers You Didn’t About

With the recent advent of superheroes taking over our silver screens, whether it be Earth’s greatest fighting force in The Avengers, the timeless tale of Gotham’s Dark Night, or the Kryptonian child we came to call our own, we here at OnlinePianist have decided to take a look back at those superheroes (and supervillains) who possess […]


How to Buy a Used Piano

So you’ve decided that it’s finally time to make one of the biggest commitments of your life. You feel you’re mature enough, experienced enough, and responsible enough to nourish and take care of this new entity you’re ready to call your own. If you think we’re talking about a baby, puppy, kitty or even newly-wed […]


Quiz: What Type of Piano are YOU?

Keyboard instruments come in all shapes and sizes, much like humans. Along with these shapes and sizes, there is also quite a distinction between the spirit or personality of each kind of instrument. Therefore, musical friends, we’ve concocted a quiz to answer the great question, which kind of piano are YOU? Let’s find out! So […]


11 of the World’s Most Expensive and Extraordinary Pianos- Part 2

Welcome back! Last week, we took a look at some of the World’s Most Expensive Pianos, ranking in from 11th to 6th place, worldwide. Now that’s respectable and all, but to be honest, who are we kidding really? Those pianos barely even scratched the millions club! They are child’s play in the world of riches […]


The Top 3 Piano Mysteries… that were Solved

Many things can be said of the piano, but mysterious is not typically one of them. The piano is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy/instrument.  It generally avoids drama and just wants to play some music for you, that’s all! But occasionally, it can find itself entangled in some far-fetched and bizarre conspiracy theories, which, like […]


14 Believable Excuses For Not Practicing Piano

Playing piano is one of those activities that you have to work hard for in order to reap rewards. Without practice, you’ll likely not get much farther than “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. But still, dedicating all that time and attention to practice is not something us busy folk can always afford to do, especially […]


11 of the World’s Most Expensive and Extraordinary Pianos- Part 1

When you have more money than you need, it doesn’t take long for it to show. Did your neighbor just buy a lawn flamingo ornament, in gold? Doesn’t take a genius to realize that they have likely won the lottery or inherited a load of big ones from sweet and loaded Ol’ Aunt Sue. In […]

Piano Brands

What are the Best Piano Brands?

To the untrained eye (or ear!), a piano is simply a piano. Sure, sometimes they can come in black, brown or even white, and occasionally they can sound a bit different from each other, but otherwise many people are inclined to view all pianos as essentially the same. Well today’s post is here to show […]

One Direction Photographed by John Wright

5 Activities to Distract You from the One Direction Breakup

We all woke up to a darker world today, a world in which Zayn Malik no longer completes the golden quintet that is One Direction, following his tragic departure from the group. Understandably, the disintegration of such an influential musical presence has had quite an impact on fans worldwide, so much so that we think […]


Why Do Pianos Cost So Much?

As we all know, pianos are a key part of any happy life. They bring music and music brings joy. So why in the name of all that is holy do we not all have these delightful beings in our homes? The straight and simple answer to this question is because pianos are just so […]


Piano: Meet the Family

Ah familial reunions, a concept so many of us dread. It is a time when you get to meet the farthest branches of your family tree, and get your cheeks pinched aplenty by your great uncle’s cousin’s sister. Believe it or not, not only humans have families. Yes even pianos must face that time of […]