Piano vs. Keyboard: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s a battle that’s been longer-going than I-phone vs. android, longer than Justin Bieber vs. One Direction, and longer even then Pepsi vs. Cola. This legendary battle that we speak of, is that between the piano and the keyboard. In today’s post, we will conduct the ultimate showdown between our two mighty competitors, and in […]


17 Piano Songs About Famous Breakups

This post is all about break-ups, aka music fuel. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, a breakup expert if we ever did see one: “Well all those other girls, yeah they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?” Preach it girl! Presenting a list of songs that were made out of tears, […]

Piano - a young

13 of the Most Common Stresses About Playing The Piano

It happens occasionally that the piano, typically the source of all our peacefulness and serenity, becomes our main supplier of stress and anxiety instead. Be it when you simply can’t manage to learn a song, just don’t feel like practicing, or can’t get the tempo down and end up looking like a rhythmically-challenged dweeb, when the […]


A 5 Course Journey Through the Land of Fine Dining and Pianos

I’m sure many of you piano lovers will agree that the key to a good life is two-fold and rather simple.  It essentially starts with fine dining and ends in good music. For this very reason, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post to these very two things, only merged. Yes, such a dream […]


Top 10 Piano Songs for Christmas

Christmas is by far our favorite holiday here at OnlinePianist, we can finally clean out the dust from the good old Christmas carols that we love to play so much… It is also the best time for you to show off your piano skills that you’ve worked so hard on (or haven’t worked so hard […]


10 Impressive Broken World Records Involving Pianos

A piano is very much like a taco. Wait…what? Well, a piano is very much like a taco in the fact that it is delicate, fragile and has the ability to make you very very happy… until it breaks. You see pianos, much like tacos, simply do not mesh well with the word “broken” in […]


13 Songs That Can Be Played Using Only The Pentatonic Scale

Chances are you’ve already heard about the pentatonic scale and how it morphs regular piano-jamming into a beautiful Asian-sounding bonanza. For those of you who don’t know, a pentatonic scale is a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave, aka the black keys. Turns out, there a quite a few songs out there […]


10 of the Most Odd and Unlikely Places to Find a Piano

One of the main arguments guitar fanaticos are likely to give as to why the guitar is better than the piano, is its portability.  They claim that a guitar, being light-weight and all, can be taken anywhere, and can handle some rumble and tumble, whereas a piano can only sit in concert halls and be […]


8 Modern Songs You Didn’t Know Incorporate Classic Piano Pieces

“That is just such a catchy tune! (Insert artist name here) is just so talented! Everything they create is gold!” While we agree with you that (insert artist name here) is indeed a very talented individual, you may be surprised to discover that many modern songs you know and love are in fact largely based […]


13 Wacky Pieces of Furniture for a Crazy Piano Person

We all know the crazy cat lady right? That woman who loves cats so much to the point where you feel unwelcome in her home if your face doesn’t include a button nose, pointy ears and whiskers? Well we feel it’s unfair that the cat lady gets so much attention in pop culture when there […]


10 Types Of Pianists- Which One Are You?

1. The Prodigy Umm, we were thinking more on the lines of Mozart actually. Sorry, Billy. #SorryNotSorry 2. The Busker Because a job is too mainstream. It’s all about the struggle, man! Everyday I’m Hustling. 3. The Professional Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you. I’ma let you finish. But Beethoven wrote one of the best […]


9 Reasons Why Piano Bars Are Far Superior to Regular Bars

We’ve all been to a bar (shame on you 14-year-old!), right? Well how about a piano bar? No no, we don’t mean this kind: Hi, I’m a piano bar. We mean a bar with all of your favorite bubbly beverages, only with a piano in the center. A professional pianist plays songs and sets the […]