You Won’t Believe How Crazy these Pianos Are!

If there’s anything we want you to take away from this blog, it is that the piano is full of surprises. Be it odd places it has shown up in, crazy stories it has been entangled in, or its plain old eccentric family, the piano has more up its sleeve than you might imagine. So today we’ve decided to focus on the piano’s artsy side, its inner fashionista if you will. It’s time to throw away that stereotyped image of what you think a piano looks like, because you’ll soon find the piano quite enjoys trying new looks, and has more swag and style than the guitar could even dream of. Meet the world’s most stylish pianos!

  • The Flying Pegasus Piano

The Flying Pegasus Piano

Pianos are not typically known for their ability to fly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dream! Meet the fancy Pegasus piano, bringing new meaning to the piano wing. If you plan to purchase this for your humble abode, just make sure you dedicate a full room to it, give it space to stretch its wing(s)!

  • The Hippy Artistic Piano

The Hippy Artistic Piano

A piano is not dull, but brown sure is. So why do we allow our pianos to look so glum, in plain old brown or black? The piano gives us music, and music brings color to our life. That’s why we believe these colors should be proudly displayed on the piano. Like this one!

  • The Nutcracker Piano

The Nutcracker Piano

With its thick, toy-like build, we wouldn’t be surprised to find this whimsical piano at a place like FAO Schwarz. Heck, it reminds us so much of the Nutcracker figurines that we wouldn’t even be surprised if it could crack a nut placed in between the wing and the soundboard!


Who, me?

  • The Steampunked Piano

The Steampunked Piano

Here’s a simple rule of thumb: If you want to make something cool, make it steampunked. During the industrial age, pianos provided much needed entertainment to workers, so it’s only time those cogs and screws show the piano back some love by embracing it in metallic and bronze-y goodness! The results speak for themselves.

  • The Bar Piano

The Round Bar Piano

A piano brings a good time, and so do bars. When you combine the two in one, you’ve basically unlocked the key to happiness. So gather everyone round, pass around a pint, and allow the music to flow from all 360 degrees!

  • The iPiano

The Apple iPiano

iThink it’s time we added the famous “i” to our favorite musical friend. Meet, the iPiano! No, it’s a not a new brainchild of Apple, though it definitely looks the part and very well should be!

  • The Futuristic Alien Piano

The Futuristic Alien Piano

From the makers of the egg chair (not really), meet the egg piano, or as we’ve affectionately dubbed it- the futuristic alien piano. Shiny and smooth and without a single sharp edge, this sleek piano has an out of galaxy feel and is sure to create EGGcellent music…we’ll just stop now.

  • The Crochet Piano

The Crochet Piano Beautiful

Above is a piano any grandma is guaranteed to enjoy. Chock-full of her very favorite white-laced cup coasters, the crochet piano is both dainty, elegant and completely spill-proof should you decide to play alongside a cup of tea.

  • The Chrome Piano

The Chrome Piano Is Here

Chrome is chic, and chic is chrome.  The above piano is fully covered in the silvery metallic material, and will likely make your chromatic scales easier to play 😉

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  1. These are great pieces! One of my favorite piece on the list is Chrome Piano. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.

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