Who Plays Piano More: Men or Women?

Hey there, welcome back! Guess what? It’s time for us to answer another one of life’s most important questions, who plays piano more: men or women? As we’ve seen previously, our approach to learning piano has evolved over the years, including our approach to who should learn piano. Back in old-timey times, there were activities that […]


What Age is Best to Learn Piano?

We’re assuming that if you’re on this blog, you’ve likely already crossed over into the dark side of life, aka adulthood. Being an adult can be rough. You’ve got stress to deal with on a daily basis, you feel you become less relevant with every passing year, and you’re finally beginning to understand all the […]


Battle of the Instruments: Piano Vs. Guitar

It’s a battle of the ages, a fight for supremacy, today we’ll answer the age-old question of “Which instrument is better, the piano or the guitar?” While we scoff at the fact that such a question even needs to be asked when the answer is so obviously obvious, we’ve still decided to a concoct a […]


Piano vs. Keyboard: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s a battle that’s been longer-going than I-phone vs. android, longer than Justin Bieber vs. One Direction, and longer even then Pepsi vs. Cola. This legendary battle that we speak of, is that between the piano and the keyboard. In today’s post, we will conduct the ultimate showdown between our two mighty competitors, and in […]