300+ Years of the Piano: How did it all begin?

Who invented the piano? Bartolomeo Cristofori. That name probably doesn’t ring a bell, does it? But it should strike a note in your mind. This is the name of the one who started it all – the man who invented the piano. Without him, none of us would be here today, learning how to play […]

Why Not Learning To Play Piano Is Every Adults' Regret

Why Not Learning To Play Piano Is Every Adult’s Regret!

They say it is better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven’t done. Trekking the Incan trail to Machu Picchu? No regrets. Wishing you invested in Google while it was a startup? HUGE regret. Spending your summers with your loved ones in your childhood home town? Never a regret. Wishing you […]


Why You’ll Never Be A Professional Pianist

Most of us who have taken up a musical instrument have at some point in time toyed with the idea of what it would be like to be a professional. For some of us, this idea takes more imagination than others. A lot more! For others of us, we spend many countless hours trying to […]

The 7 Best Piano Covers On YouTube

The 7 Best Piano Covers On YouTube

According to YouTube (and our subjectivity!), here are the Best Piano Covers! 1. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) by The Piano Guys Full Tutorial 2. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream by Boyce Avenue (Piano acoustic cover) Full Tutorial 3. OneRepublic – Apologize (Piano Cover) by David Sides Full Tutorial 4. Sia – […]


5 Signs You Have the Piano “Bug”

Not all of us are presented with the same opportunities in life. While some of us were forced against our will to plop down on a piano stool and start playing away, others who have potential and motivation were never even given a chance. So today we’d like to give a shout-out to those who were […]


7 Weird Things All Pianists Do

As a blog that caters to pianists, the goal of this post is to make us all feel just a little less weird about ourselves and the odd things we think only we do. Turns out pianists are united in the fact that we all engage in somewhat odd piano-related behaviors. So prepare to feel […]


The Top Piano Memes on the Interweb

Memes are absolutely everywhere in our time. They are the internet’s version of that sarcastic friend we all have, the one who constantly spews out snarky remarks that are not always politically correct, but are always 100% true. Memes cover every possible topic from exams to political agendas, and cleverly say out loud what we […]


Clothing Inspired By The Piano For The Men!

Welcome back! Last time around we showcased a collection of outfits and accessories for all the lovely ladies out there to dazzle the world with. We heard what you said, and we liked what we saw. Now it’s time for the gentlemen who like to dress to impress. Whether it’s chic, dapper, casual or classy, […]


Clothing Inspired By The Piano For The Ladies!

Clothing – most of us need to wear it, want to wear it, or are forced to wear it. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but if we all believed this to be true, the fashion industry as we know it would be nearly obsolete. Unlike many things in life […]

Gone Crazy! Be back soon.

You Won’t Believe How Crazy these Pianos Are!

If there’s anything we want you to take away from this blog, it is that the piano is full of surprises. Be it odd places it has shown up in, crazy stories it has been entangled in, or its plain old eccentric family, the piano has more up its sleeve than you might imagine. So […]


The Top 6 Most Amazing Piano Videos on the Internet

We all love a good viral video. They catch our eye and present us with something extreme or crazy that we’ve never seen before. Unfortunately for the piano, it has not been branded as the extreme or crazy type, and its majestic nature does not exactly seem suitable for viral video material. But despite the […]

Iconic Buildings Inspired By Music

9 Iconic Buildings Inspired By Music

Some of us work in them, others of us design or create them, and the rest of us mumble to ourselves angrily that they’ve obscured our view to the ocean – buildings. Buildings have been around since the dawn of mankind, in virtually all shapes and forms. We all have our dream homes, our ideal office spaces, or a […]