5 Superheroes & Supervillains With Musical Powers You Didn’t Know About

With the recent advent of superheroes taking over our silver screens, whether it be Earth’s greatest fighting force in The Avengers, the timeless tale of Gotham’s Dark Night, or the Kryptonian child we came to call our own, we here at OnlinePianist have¬†decided to take a look back at those superheroes (and supervillains) who possess […]

One Direction Photographed by John Wright

5 Activities to Distract You from the One Direction Breakup

We all woke up to a darker world today, a world in which Zayn Malik no longer completes the golden quintet that is One Direction, following his tragic departure from the group. Understandably, the disintegration of such an influential musical presence has had quite an impact on fans worldwide, so much so that we think […]


The Ultimate Piano-Themed Costume for a Diehard Fan

So the Jewish version of Halloween, Purim, is coming up and that means it’s time to start costuming. Since everyone will probably be dressed as Elsa, Olaf or Mutant Giant Spider Dog this year, we’ve decided to go a different route. In the name of feminism, the hot topic of 2015, we’ve put a ladylike […]


Top 10 Piano Songs for Christmas

Christmas is by far our favorite holiday here at OnlinePianist, we can finally clean out the dust from the good old Christmas carols that we love to play so much‚Ķ It is also the best time for you to show off your piano skills that you’ve worked so hard on (or haven’t worked so hard […]