The Keeper of the Keys - Meet the Keyboard Family

Infographic: The Keeper of the Keys – Meet the Keyboard Family

A short while back we outlined the history behind the invention of the piano with songs to play on the piano appearing shortly thereafter. Now we’ve got a beautiful visual from our friends at California Music Studios who’ve put together a graphic on the keyboard family, providing some history on pianos, playing techniques, and the fundamentals […]

10 Wacky Facts About the World's Most Famous Piano Players

Infographic: Interesting Facts About History’s Most Talented Pianists

Recently we discussed ways of how to practice piano effectively. This time around we have some more insightful tips from the world’s best pianists courtesy of our friends at TakeLessons. If you thought Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler lead interesting lives, then you clearly don’t know about the eccentric lives of history’s most famous piano players. For example, did you […]

How To Make Practicing Piano Scales More Fun

Infographic: How To Make Practicing Piano Scales FUN!

Last time we discussed that the most important quality every great pianist possessed was their commitment to practicing regularly, along with ways they could maximize their time spent practicing. This time around we have more fun practice tips from our friends at TakeLessons. So if you’re reading this, then you must be learning to play the piano – […]


Battle of the Instruments: Piano Vs. Guitar

It’s a battle of the ages, a fight for supremacy, today we’ll answer the age-old question of “Which instrument is better, the piano or the guitar?” While we scoff at the fact that such a question even needs to be asked when the answer is so obviously obvious, we’ve still decided to a concoct a […]