5 Superheroes & Supervillains With Musical Powers You Didn’t Know About

With the recent advent of superheroes taking over our silver screens, whether it be Earth’s greatest fighting force in The Avengers, the timeless tale of Gotham’s Dark Night, or the Kryptonian child we came to call our own, we here at OnlinePianist have decided to take a look back at those superheroes (and supervillains) who possess the ability to live the kind of lives we could only dream of living- a musically gifted one. So without further ado, let’s meet 5 superheroes and supervillians who have musical powers, and use them for good… or evil.

1. The Hypno Hustler

The Hypno Hustler

The Hypno-Hustler is a jive-talking black soul Disco singer who uses his goggles and evil boots of death to hypnotize music lovers, alongside his backup band, “The Mercy Killers.”

So he’s essentially a supervillain who uses his hypnotic musical powers to dupe audiences into giving him their valuables. They say you if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. But in this case, it might have been taken a bit too far.

2. Johnny Guitar & Doctor Sax

Johnny Guitar & Doctor Sax

In our next story we meet Dr. Sax, a member of a rock band alongside his childhood best buddy, Johnny Guitar. One night after a show, Dr. Sax and Johnny Guitar, being petty criminals and all, were busy robbing their manager when they were caught and attacked by other band members. During the fight Sax’s face was burnt by a torch, blinding him.

After being released from prison, Dr. Sax was given a saxophone (he was literally asking for it with that name) and visor by the Techmaster, a classically good-gone-bad ex-electronics expert. The saxophone in question is capable of controlling emotions, and the visor restores his sight. Meanwhile, Johnny Guitar, eager to receive some Techmaster love as well, received a guitar (also was asking for it) that fires sonic blasts.

They say rock ‘n’ roll and drugs are part and parcel. But we think, with these two on stage, you’ll be wishing you had neither.

3. Johnny Dune

We’ve reached the good guys, hurrah! Our next superperson is Johnny Dune, a Vietnam veteran with the mutant ability of limited voice-induced mind control. The decorated war hero also has political aspirations.

We’re behind you Mr. Dune! Start rapping your way to the White House!

War. Huh. Yeah. What is it good for? Err, we’ll let you answer that one.

4. Music Meister

Music Meister

Next up for musically blessed superheroes is the Music Meister, who is able to exert powerful mind control through song. Along with his power of persuasion, he also has many music-based machines and weapons. For example, a vehicle that looks like a musical note.

Seriously, this is one power we all wish we had. You’d surely be king/queen of popular music and maybe be even able to bring world peace while you’re at it. Best of all, you get to ride in style while fast and furiously changing the universe for better or worse. Now, that’s your call.

5. Dazzler


Finally we have Dazzler, a super-heroin who does justice to her name, with the ability to transduce sound into light, because why not? Dazzler is a very gifted singer and performer, and is often forced into reluctant superheroism, preferring instead to create her music without having to save the world.

With a power like this, the days of disco live forever! Who needs a club or strobe lights, when you a sound and light show of your own. Dazzler, you light up my world like nobody else. Literally.

So readers, which of these superpowers would you pick? Know of any other superheroes or super villains with musical abilities? What would you do if you had a superpower? Tell us in the comments below!

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