17 Piano Songs About Famous Breakups

This post is all about break-ups, aka music fuel. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, a breakup expert if we ever did see one: “Well all those other girls, yeah they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?” Preach it girl! Presenting a list of songs that were made out of tears, heartache and misery, but boy do they sound good! And while we’re glad all these singers are seemingly in a happier place in their lives now, we hope they never go down the route of the legendary Annie Lennox, who famously said: ‘I’m too happy to write songs”. We shudder to think what a world of happy singers would look like, but it would probably be a quiet, songless place.

1. Justin Timberlake, ‘Cry Me A River’, reportedly about Britney Spears (2002)

Justin Timberlake

If anyone can prove music careers are built on the back of bad breakups, it’s JT. Cry me a river, yes, but bathe me with dollar bills too!

2. Britney Spears, ‘Everytime’, reportedly about Justin Timberlake (2004)

Britney Spears

Ah, the old Britney we knew and loved. Maybe we should leave Britney alone? Oops!  I did it again.

3. Taylor Swift, ‘Forever and Always’, reportedly about Joe Jonas (2008)

Taylor Swift

You tell ’em Taylor!

4. Jonas Brothers, ‘Much Better’, definitely about Taylor Swift (2009)

Nick Jonas

Who doesn’t love a man of simple tastes?

5. Miley Cyrus, ‘7 things’, reportedly about Nick Jonas (2008)

Miley Cyrus

Oh Miley, we only wish we could say the same.

6. P!nk, ‘So What?’, about Carey Hart (2008)


Now that’s the right attitude! Word indeed.

7. Eminem, ‘Bagpipes From Baghdad’ – absolutely and 100% about Mariah Carey (2009)


We’re quite sure The Real Slim Shady wasn’t referring to the instrument in this song. Got milk? :O

8. Mariah Carey’s response, ‘Obsessed’, about Eminem (2009)

Mariah Carey

Oh Mariah, what were you thinking…

9. Eminem, ‘The Warning’, about Mariah Carey (again) (2009)

Slim Shady

Note to everyone: never piss off Eminem. The man will make you wish you could “lose yourself” in anonymity. He.Always.Wins.

10. Rihanna, ‘Cold Case Love’ about Chris Brown (2010)


It’s a little bit ironic when you’re holding a gun saying that. But then again, that’s Riri for you!

11. Katy Perry – ‘Circle The Drain’, reportedly about Travie McCoy (2010)

Katy Perry

Best breakup dance EVER.

12. No Doubt – ‘Don’t Speak’, about bandmate Tony Kanal (1996)

No Doubt

There’s a reason band members should never date each other. But then again, who could say no to Gwen, seriously…

13. No Doubt – ‘Cool’, about bandmate Tony Kanal (2005)

Gwen Stefani

…apparently band member Tony Kanal, that’s who. I guess it just wasn’t his cup of tea. We on the other hand, love tea. The sweeter the better 😉

14. Lenny Kravitz, ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’, about Denise Huxtable (1991)

Lenny Kravitz

We wish it was over. I mean who wouldn’t want to “fly away” with Lenny!

15. Joan Baez, ‘Diamonds & Rust’, about Bob Dylan (1975)

Bob Dylan

Even love can be “like a rolling stone” it seems. Look at that hair. Gorgeous.

16. Madonna, ‘Miles Away’, about Guy Ritchie (2008)


MDNA is A-OK from the USA to the U and K. We gotcha, don’t you worry.

17. Nick Lachey, ‘What’s Left of Me’, about Jessica Simpson (2006)

Nick Lachey

Evidently, never has a man been happier post breakup. Check out that smile!

So readers, which of these revelations surprised you most? Did we forget any big ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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