10 MORE Nifty Alternate Uses for a Piano

By now we hope and assume you’ve all read the predecessor to this post, 10 Nifty Alternate Uses for a Piano. Regardless of if you are a crazy piano person or are just environmentally savvy and seek a way to give your piano a new career-path amidst their mid-life crisis, you can’t argue that these re-purposed pianos aren’t cool. So presenting, 10 more examples as to why pianists are the most creative people in the world, enjoy!

1. A place to put all your tools…

Piano Shelf


2. A coffee table where you can finally strike a chord 😉

Piano Table

3. A unique shelf to hang up your favorite cards.

Piano Shelf

4. A bed to help to help lull you to sleep with sweet sounds.

Piano Bed


5. A screensaver, space saver, cup holder and note keeper.

Piano Desk


6. It’s a room out of a fairytale!

Piano Shelf

7. Oh, give it a rest would you! #SeeWhatIDidThere

Piano Bench


8. Wooden planters because you wouldn’t practice :'( :-/ 🙂

Piano Gardening Pot


9. I get knocked down, oh, but I get up again!

Piano Wine Bar

10. What’s your stanza on this? No broken chords here, only broken bottles, savvy?

Piano Bar

So readers, we want to know, which of these nifty ideas do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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