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HannahC  (3 years ago)
awh thank you for voting for mine, sorry i just got this, voted yours:\')
isae1  (3 years ago)
please vote for pink - try
laughoutloud  (4 years ago)
yea there sorta like kangaroos. but smaller
scarletpiano11  (4 years ago)
see ya :) anime is japanese cartoons :D see ya tomorrow :D
scarletpiano11  (4 years ago)
nice! :D i can do the beginning of turning tables, someone like you, hometown glory, set fire to the rain, and other stuff that i can't remember lol! do u like anime?
scarletpiano11  (4 years ago)
oh I'm trying to re-learn how to play to make you feel my love by adele cuz i learned the beginning but now i forget it :( so what songs do you know?
scarletpiano11  (4 years ago)
oh nice my mom's watching american idol right now! who won anyway?
scarletpiano11  (4 years ago)
what song do u wanna learn?