10 Songs about Christmas

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Christmas is by far our favorite holiday here at OnlinePianist, we can finally  clean out the dust from the good old Christmas carols that we love to play so much… :)

It is also the best time for you to show off your piano skills that you worked so hard on, all you need to do is learn 2-3 Christmas carols and  the Christmas eve spotlight is yours.  To make it easier for you, we have prepared this list of the best songs about Christmas.

The list includes traditional and modern songs a like, as we believe that the modern songs of today are the Christmas carols of tomorrow (or of 1000 years from now, but who's counting right???). You can find the entire collection of our Christmas songs on the Christmas piano tutorials section and their corresponding sheets on our online Piano Sheet music section.

Here goes - Top 10 songs about Christmas!


10.  Justin Bieber - "Mistletoe"

I still believe Santa exist… 

Justin Bieber is the first ever artist to release a Christmas collection album before the age of 50…. What next for the wonder pop super boy? A comeback performance by the age of 30???

Mistletoe Piano

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10 songs about objects

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Objects are our best friends, seriously! We do everything with them, sleeping, eating, driving, killing, playing and some cultures even pray to them (who said Idolatry???). Everyone has an object that accompanies him / her from a very young age, and although we never really use them, they will probably stay with us until the last day of our lives (some people even choose to get burry with them… Go figure…). It is not a surprise that some of the most talented (and less talented…) artists in the world chose to dedicate whole songs to their favorite objects,in the following post we will present you some of the best free piano lessons for such songs.  So, in an honor to our old time friends, and just because we couldn't find a better theme for this blog post, here are 10 Songs About Objects

* Warning! It seems like many artist's favorite objects are related to fire, blasts and weapons…


10.  Taio Cruz - "Dynamite"

"I am no man. I am Dynamite." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 

Taio Cruz burst into our lives in 2010 with this clubs mega-hit, however, like the Dynamite itself, nothing really remained from this successful single, we are still waiting Taio!

Dynamite Piano

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